Sendresume Technology Recruiters

Sendresume are one of the oldest Technology recruiters that focus exclusively on this industry, working with some of the top companies in Interactive and New Media.

From the long-established to the newly-established players in advertising, entertainment and publishing, and web and software development. From creative to technical. Production to sales and marketing. From junior level to senior management. From New York to California.

Even if you’re not ready to leave your job quite yet, you may benefit in future by establishing a relationship with the right recruiter now. After all, finding the right job can be a full time job in itself.
And that’s the recruiter’s job: to work behind the scenes on your behalf, finding those opportunities that best match your talents and career goals. Establishing good working relationships with companies as well as candidates to determine in which companies and corporate cultures a candidate fits best. And what makes sense as your next career move.

We come from the New Media industry, and have an understanding of this business and the players, from the inside.

Contrary to popular misconception, “recruiter” is not a bad word. Some people perceive a recruiter as being someone who’ll talk you into taking any position for the sake of a commission. As a poacher who’ll go into a company and steal all the best people.

The truth is: happy people don’t leave good jobs. And if you’re not happy in the new job in which you’re placed, you’ll leave, and the recruiter may lose the commission. And the candidate. And any friends or associates you may refer.

That’s not good business. That’s bad recruiting.

We place talented people in positions that match their qualifications and aspirations.

And we have the track record to prove it.